Contrary to popular belief you actually don't need an iPod for podcasts. (Hear that? You don't even have to have an iPod!) A podcast is essentially just a subscription to an audio file library. As long as you can play audio on your computer you can receive podcasts!

1. Install iTunes
if you don't already have it. The latest version of iTunes is available directly from Apple's website. (ps: It's FREE!) Just download and install.

2. Select the podcast
After a successful installation, click here or the link at the end of this article to subscribe. Thereafter, iTunes will automatically be opened.

3. Click the "subscribe" button
in iTunes to subscribe to The Edge Podcasts.

4. Download  
As soon as you have subscribed, the latest message will begin to download. It may take some time to download and the talks are generally 30 minutes in length. If you would like to download previous talks, expand the podcast and click on the "get episode" button.

5. Turn on your speakers!  

6. Sync your ipod if you have one
can setup itunes to automatically download new podcasts every day from within your iTunes preferences)

click here to subscribe to our podcast in Itunes

Help! If you still cannot figure out how to install the podcast, email info@theedge.org.sg.